Creating an Assessment Wizard

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Step 1

This page names and schedules the assessment.

Naming the assessment

Try to use a unique name for each assessment so that you will be able to individually identify each one at a later date.

Scheduling the assessment

It is possible to change the opening and closing dates of the assessment after you have completed this wizard, and it is possible to edit the details.


Use this text box to give instructions to students on how to complete the assessment. The students will see this text at the top of the assessment page.

Feedback for students

This options allows you to select whether you would prefer to attach a feedback report to assessment when completed. The data for the student will be based on a three point scale;

  • Above average performance
  • Average performance
  • Below average performance

Step 2

This page enables you to preview the forms that you have produced, which will be listed here. If there are no forms listed, you will have to cancel the setup of the new assessments and return to the My Forms section.

The preview link next to each form allows you to see exactly what the form will look like for the student logging on. The students listed are an example, you will allocate specific students at the next stage of the wizard.

Your assessment forms

Select the form that you wish to allocate to this assessment. You can preview a form by clicking the preview form link next to its name.

Step 3

This page allows you to select the groups of students that you wish to assign to the assessment.

The collections that you have previously set up will be displayed, with a brief summary of the associated modules and the number of groups. If no collections are displayed, you will have to cancel the setup of the new assessments and return to the My Groups section.

Your collections

Select the collection of groups that you wish to take this assessment.

The groups you select will be copied into the new assessment. This means any changes you make to the groups in your my groups section will not affect the groups assigned to this assessment.

This is a double edged-sword. It prevents any accidental changing/deleting of the groups once the assessment is underway, but it also means that if you do need to change the groups for some reason, you have to change them in my groups then edit the assessment to use the new collection of groups.

You can see more information on this on the editing assessment page.

Step 4

This page reviews the details that have been added to the new assessment, including the name, the date it opens and the date it closes.

Check the details carefully, although they can be amended later if necessary.

Step 5

You have now completed the step by step setup for assessments in Web-PA!

Assessment Editor

Clicking on this link will enable you to see the finished assessment, and to edit or amend any details.

If you want to edit details in the future you can click on a link from the Assessments start page.