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Peer Assessment Research

The following papers on peer assessment were written by academics at Loughborough University, and provide more information on the use of peer assessment, and of Web-PA in particular.

Validating the assessment of individuals within undergraduate teams (ICEE 2005)

Authors: Peter Willmot, Adam Crawford.

Of all the problems associated with student learning in a team situation, the difficulties of precise assessment are supreme. Academics who feel comfortable setting examinations and individual coursework assignments are deterred from devising team assessments because they cannot guarantee that lazy students might benefit from the efforts of their teammates or that weaker team members might dilute the efforts of the more diligent individuals. We draw comparisons between undergraduate project teams and teams outside the university and discuss how accurately we can recreate the conditions of industry. We examine the argument for giving equal marks to all team players. We then set out to search for evidence of the wisdom or otherwise of applying a simple peer review to team marks and how fairly such a review can assess the individual team members...

Online peer assessed marking of team projects (ICEE 2004)

Authors: Peter Willmot, Adam Crawford.

Group project work plays an increasingly important part in today's university courses as it enhances employability through developing team-working skills. It also solves some of the supervision problems encountered when coping with large student numbers. When assessing such projects, however, there is a common difficulty: how to determine the appropriate mark for each individual. Much of the recent work in this field has focused on various forms of self and peer assessment as the fundamental mechanism by which an individual mark may be generated...